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The business roots of Haji Ali Haji trading journey is deep rooted in the history of modern trading business in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  The company can proudly yet modestly categorize itself as one of the pioneering business companies that wrote the new chapters in transforming the business environment in Bahrain during the first decades of the past century as business was mainly depending on pearl diving and merchant .  The late founders of Haji Ali Haji company had a vision of transforming business nature on the Island to gear up for the future as if they knew that soon oil will be discovered on the island and we better be ready for the new challenges and the development ahead of us.  

The company was established around a century ago a small shop in Sheikh Abdulla Road in Manama which was then known then as (Souq El-Tujar).  The principal goal of the Company was to focus on the future by providing furnishing the market with best available brands as well as to guarantee best business procedures and developments, providing maximum customer satisfaction and decisive service deliveries. 

Decades after decades, the company grew and developed itself so rapidly and it had diversified its activities in different fields to cover many business aspects in Bahrain. Today, Haji Ali Haji is providing the Bahraini market a wide spectrum of products as five different divisions function under its umbrella namely the Electrical Material Division, The Building Material Division, The Home Appliances Division, The Switch Gear Factory where Panels &  Distribution Boxes are manufactured according to EWA and International Standards.  We also have a state of the art service center equipped with qualified human resources as well as physical resources. 

During the last decade of the twentieth century, Haji Ali Haji Company, expanded its business strategy to penetrate the GCC market  which resulted in the inauguration of  its first business office in Dubai as Haji Commercial Company (HCC) in 1988.  Today HCC has imposed itself as one of the prominent companies in the GCC market through its various operational branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras El-Khaima and Doha - Qatar.

As the Group General Manager, I am proud today to be a member of the fourth generation of leaders who paved the way for us to enjoy such prestigious status and reputation in the market reassuring their soles that we shall work hand in hand with our colleagues to sustain what they have passed to us and grow it further to cover the Middle East region in the near future.

Thank you all for making us what we are today, because without your support we couldn't have reached where we stand today.  

Dr. Adel Shaban Dairi
Group General Manager
Haji Ali Haji Group

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