Electrical Material

Electrical Material Division of HAHCO has a diversified profile of products as briefed below. The division is closely associated with Ministries, Consultants, Large and Medium Contractors and Wholesale Dealers.



Armoured & Flexible Cable, Building Wire & Cable Accessories

GCC, India

Distribution Boards, Metal Isolators, Dol Starters, Main Switch, Changeover Switches, MCCs and Other Panel Components

Korea, Italy, England, Malaysia, India, GCC

PVC Conduits, Trunking & Accessories

Hong Kong, GCC, Germany

Wiring Accessories, Industrial & Commercial Switches

Italy, GCC, U.K

Commercial & Industrial Fans

Hong Kong, India, China

Lamps, Light Fittings & Fixtures

Germany, India, U.K, Hungary, China

Power Tracking (Busbar Systems)

Singapore, China

Other Electrical Material Products



As an authorized distributor, HAHCO Electrical Material Division also sells Hyundai Switchgear Components.

Hyundai Switchgear Components

Air Circuit Breakers


DB Isolators



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