Switchgear Manufacturing

As a part of HAHCO growth and diversification in its Electrical Division, the Switchgear Factory was established in 2008 to meet the ever growing needs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and International Markets.
The factory is fully equipped with state-of-art equipment and is backed up by professional
skilled personnel for the manufacture and assembly of switchgear products and control panels.

HAHCO is the authorized distributor of Hyundai Switchgear components in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

HAH Switchgear Products

Busbar Chambers

SPN Distribution Boards

TPN Distribution Boards

Metal Enclosures

Heavy Duty GI Lintels

Heavy Duty GI Cable Trays and Trunking

Low Voltage Floor Mounted Panels

Low Voltage Wall Mounted Panels

Various Kinds of Control Panels

Other Products

HAHCO Switchgear Manufacturing Division is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

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